Areas of expertise
Machineries and Complete Equipment Supply
Metal Processing Machineries or Lines
(HF Frequency Welded Pipe Line, Cut to Length Line, Slitting Line, Cold Forming Line, Steel Coil Galvanization Line, PPGI line, Aluminum Profile Extrusion Machines and Lines, etc)
Other Machineries or Lines
(We are working on contracting different kinds of Turnkey Projects in the Mechanical Industry, Petroleum Industry, Metal Processing Industry, etc.)
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Electric and Energy Equipment Supply
Thermo Power Plant Equipment
Hydro Power Plant Equipment
Substation Equipment
Power Transmission Line
Power Distribution System
Gas Piping
Oil Field Equipment and machines
LPG Tank Farm
Rehabilitation of Refineries and Oil wells.
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Port and Bridge Project Supply
All kinds of piles (tubular piles, sheet piles, sections, etc)
All kinds of steel structures.
All kinds of Port Equipment and instruments.
Piping work on oil terminals.
Installation Work on oil terminals.
All the other relative work.
Typical Projects weve achieved  Contact this department
Industrial Component Subcontracting
Seamless and Welded Pipes
Flanges and Pipe Fittings
Forgings and Castings
Hot/cold Forming Parts
Machined Parts
Milling Parts
Plastic Injection Products
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To Supply Hardware and accessories for Window and Doors
All kinds of parts for Windows and Doors
All kinds of parts for Roller Shutters.
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Other Chinese Quality Products Sourcing and Relative Supply Chain Management (SCM)
We are also sourcing different kinds of products for some clients in case of demand. Such as Textiles, Shoes, clothes, Building materials, Low voltage Electric appliances, High voltage Electric Equipment, etc.