Ruijie at a glance

Wuxi Ruijie Imp&Exp Co., Ltd  is a professional company specializing in international co-operation. Since the establishment, our business have been greatly and steadily increased and we have established good business in Europe, Australia and Middle East and are extending our business to Africa, North America and South America. 

We are providing our customers with different kinds of Machines, Electrical Equipment and Appliances (both High Voltage and Low Voltage), Pressure Vessels, Tubular Piles,Port&Bridge facilities, Hardware (for windows and doors), Textiles, Building materials,Other Industrial products, and so on in the form of Trading, Project Contracting and Project Management Services.

Wuxi Ruijie Imp&Exp Co.,Ltd is strategically located in Wuxi, Jiangsu, China which is a well developed city with strong manufacturing advantages to the fields of Mechanical Industry, Electric Industry, Metal Processing Industry, and Automation Industry. It is about 130km from Shanghai and there are several international ports and International Airports around Wuxi.
Whats most important is that we think Information infrastructure is much developed in Wuxi, which enables our company to benefit from plenty of information from all over the world. We consider our ability to receive and trace information as one of the core competences of our company.

All our staffs are well educated and skilled in their positions. Wuxi Ruijie Imp&Exp Co.,Ltd is nothing without its people. We consider our People as another core competence of our company.

Wuxi Ruijie Imp&Exp Co.,Ltd is being run under its Operational Excellence Program which is a third core competence of our company.

In brief, our core competences come from three directions: Ability to receive and trace Information, our People and our Operational Excellence Program.

We pay great attention to Environmental Protection. We carry out our Environmental Protection Conception in the course of our Office work, our supply and our services.