Electric and Energy Equipment Supply

1. Contracting of a 110/20KV, 25MVA Substation (Electric Transformation Sector)

Sukth Substation, Sukth, Shijak, Albania, Supplied in Year 2005 and erected in Mar 2006.

2. Rehabilitation Work for ARMO Sha, Albania (Oil Refining Industry)
Since year 1999, RUIJIE has been continuously participating in rehabilitation work for Ballshi Refinery under ARMO Sha. Rehabilitation work include Electric Products, Machineries and equipment, N2&O2 production line, Spare Parts, Condensation system, Chemical System, etc.

3. Rehabilitation Work for KESH Sha, Albania (Electric Power Industry)
Since year 2000, RUIJIE has been continuously involved in rehabilitation work for Albanian National Grids under KESH Sha, Albania.

4. Rehabilitation Work in Ballshi TPP (Ballshi Thermo Power Plant)
Since year 2002, RUIJIE has been continuously involved in rehabilitation work for Ballshi TPP(Thermo Power Plant), Ballshi, Fier, Albania.

5. Rehabilitation Work Albpetrol Sha, Albania (Oil Exploit Industry)
In year 2006, RUIJIE successfully completed the supply of three Work over rigs (for repairing of oil wells) for Albpetrol Sha, Albania who is the biggest Albanian Oil Exploit Company.

6. Contracting of Project Intergaz Sha, Albania (Chemical Engineering Industry)

In year 2008, RUIJIE completed the construction and commissioning of 10000m3 LPG Tank Farm under Intergaz Sha.

7. Complete Equipment or materials Supply for Diesel Tank Farm (Chemical Engineering Industry)

ELDA Project, Supplied in year 2008.
KASTRATI Project, Supplied in Year 2008
More projects information can be provided upon requests.


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