Our Philosophy of Working With Suppliers

Our Philosophy of Working With Suppliers.

At RUIJIE, we consider our suppliers as partners instead of simple suppliers. We share information with our suppliers and would like our partners to perform their Obligations/Delivery Terms perfectly as per their positions in the Supply Chain. We also encourage our suppliers to improve their performance from time to time to sustain the improvement of the whole Supply Chains.

a.Safety and Environment
Safety and Environment are biggest care in our work with suppliers. The necessary risk assessment and environment assessment must be done before every work.

b.Team Work:
The whole supply chain is a big team to work together and we request that all the points in the Chain should work collaboratively with each other.

c.Continuous Improvement of Performance:
We request that our suppliers should be aware that their performance must be continuously improved. There is no Best but Better.

d. Exceeding the Customers¡¯ Expectations:
To meet Customers¡¯ Expectations is not what we are aiming at. We are working exceeding our customers¡¯ expectations.

e.Trust and Open Communications:
There must be trust among our suppliers and us. We request frequent and good communications among us to make sure that all our work is with good and on time solutions.