Our culture

Our cultures are not optional extras, nor are they a distraction from our work. They are vital in securing and keeping trust, making our company sustainable with long term relationship.

Our Mission:
To make our partners benefit
To get profits for investors.
To make our people proud to work here.
To be an Organization that local communities welcome.

Our Values:
Team Work
Share the success with our staffs

Our Guiding Principles:
We invest in the future of our company by training and developing our people. Whenever possible, we work as a team, sharing the knowledge, experiences across the company. Team Work is very significant way of work in our company. All the individual rights and privacy are respected in our company.
We are honest in our work and communication with partners. We are responsible for what we say and what weve done.
Win-Win Co-operation is what we mean co-operation on Mutual benefits. We are trying to benefit as we are trying to make our partners benefit.
We say Share the success with our staffs to mean that we are responsible not only for the investors, but also for all the staffs who work here.

Our Operational Excellence Program:
Wuxi Ruijie Imp&Exp Co.,Ltd is to be a successful and sustainable company for the long term: one that our customers and suppliers want to partner with; that investors want to invest in; that our employees are proud to work for; that local communities welcome. Our Operational Excellence program is about securing continuous improvement in a consistent way and having consistent practices and procedures to work from. Across our company, we are creating perfect operating systems and procedures.